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October 20, 2012

I have been intending to write and thank you and your team, Shaun and Brian, (if I am leaving out any others I apologize) for the tremendous support, guidance and help that you extended to my mom and I with my dad's passing this past July. In hindsight and as it has been a few months, I realize how much you facilitated for us, how ill-equipped we were emotionally to make so many decisions with his imminent passing, how seemingly effortlessly you carried it off and led us step by step and day by day through the process. We never doubted your judgment or your suggestions for his wake and funeral. Your recommendations and flexibility to tailor the viewing (photo stream and music with special meaning to my dad and our family), the obituary and the funeral strengthened for our family and our friends, the man, husband, father, grandfather and friend that he was. Having Father Peter provide the funeral mass was beyond our expectations and we appreciate the effort you made on our behalf to coordinate that given my dad's relationship with him. We feel only deep gratitude to you and your team.

While I certainly wouldn't wish the passing of a loved one on anyone, without hesitation I would recommend Hannemann's for the compassion and exceptional experience that you and your team provide.

With sincerest thanks,
Suzi and Joanne Gunther

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