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Obituary for Marie Jose Louimet

Marie Jose Louimet
April 14, 1947- May 13, 2020

On April 14-1947 an Empress was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The oldest of three girls second only to an older brother, Marie Jose was a born leader. She grew up and had 5 children with her late husband Rony Francois. In the 1980s, with the help of her father Lenoard Louimet she and her 5 children came to the United states. Marie Jose and her sisters immediately went to work; supporting themselves and 5 teenagers. Marie Jose became a CNA and soon went to live in the iconic Karnell street house;this is where most of our memories began. She became a grandmother for the first time and also an aunt for the first time. Marie-Jose or as we called her “Granma” , was truly the glue that kept this family together. She knew everything about everyone one, she ruled this family with an iron fist and a heart of unparalleled love. We like to joke and say that Marie Jose was a saint with a sailor’s mouth ‘cause she didn’t play any games. Gramma kept it real at all times. Her cooking was exceptional, her vibrant personality was sensational, and her laughter was infectious. She could walk into a room and that's when the party started. She was the one everyone called “mommy” or grandma; her love was endless. She was so strong and wise. Gramma loved her family more than herself. She was a great sister, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and great-grandmother; a wonderful human being. Everyone has their short-comings but my grandmother came very close to angelic and that’s a fact. Marie-Jose had the amazing ability to bring out the best in whoever had the luck of speaking to her. She never missed an event, it could be in CT or all the way in Florida; she would be there. Gramma was always there to support her family; she was a true matriarch. Marie Jose was our captain and team Libero and for those who don’t understand volleyball I’ll do a quick run through. In Volleyball there are 6 positions: wing spiker (Left), Setter, Middle blocker, Receiver, Wing spiker (Left) and then the Libero. A libero’s job is to keep the ball in the air; when all else seems lost the libero comes in with a save to keep the ball going so the team can go for the win. The original lineup would be her 5 children but over time everyone grew up and got married so the team got bigger and substitutions were made; everyone still a part of the game. But the libero never changed; Marie jose always stayed active and kept the ball from touching the ground, in other words; she kept the family alive and thriving. With her passing a new libero will emerge but for now the family will stick together to keep the ball up. She lived a devoted life in bringing love, peace and laughter to everyone she encountered. These are a few words from her family “She was the central support structure of the family, who used her renowned fried fish, soup joumou and legume as a pathway to our stomachs with love and grace. Granmè was known for her strong, independent, vivacious, cut throat personality, which made her my safe haven.”
“My favorite memory of Grandma is walking all over Spring Valley eating Haitian patties and Watching Papa Pie & Jesifra.”
“My favorite sayings of Grandma is "Mwen Pote lèt ak crackers pou timoun yo"!
“Grandma wasn't just a grandma, god-mother, great grandma,or a mom. She was more of a superhero. She was there whenever you needed her. She loved you unconditionally. Even though she couldn't drive, she somehow always had the willpower to walk wherever she needed to go. She didn't have a care in the world, all that mattered to her was family. She had this energy around her that would just make you feel happy. She always wanted the best for her family. She was hilarious, loving, gave great advice, and she will forever be in our hearts and will continue to live within us all. Rest in Peace 🙏❤️❤️”

“Matant Marie aka the gangster auntie aka my second mother aka my best friend, mother to all, leader of the pack, protector of all her cubs, was the best thing to ever happen to me. Born to a mother who gave everything to take care of me and John, because of a father who had his own difficulties to deal with. Marie joe stepped in as a father, as a second mother to lead and guide my mother me and John. She never allowed me to feel less than anyone. Always putting money in my pockets, yelling at me and John to look good and dress nice. “Fok ou kebe konpaou”. “Mete gren na boudaw, nou pa na kaka” lol I can hear her say it now. She taught her sons and her daughter to hold me and John tight and to treat us like one of their own. Regardless of how we all may drift she made sure she was always constant. Calling me when I'm at work to check to see if I ate, or while I'm driving home someone to talk to. Always praying for her family and forever having advice. She loves me, she loves us, one getter plus one getter equals, you know the rest, I love her and I will miss her, my gangster aunt, mother, friend, leader, my hero, my Marie Jose Louimet.”
“She would cook for any and every event, how she would buy groceries for everyone's house, always wanted to help, and was a very independent woman. She would walk around town and stay active”
“A woman of god, a family first person”
“My best friend, I could call her anytime of the day, anytime at all and she would pick up and answer the call. I’m going to miss our long hours on the phone calls. I’m going to miss her Iced teas and Diri Kole ak pwa rouge, I’m going to miss the long hugs, the sleepovers. But I will keep my promise Gramma and we will stick together and keep your legacy alive and strong M’ap mete famn nan boud’am”

In short Marie-Jose Louimet was the G.O.A.T and she entered heaven, no doubt they’re enjoying her Diri Blan and sauce pwa congo. We miss you grandma but you are here in our hearts along with Christ.
Marie Jose Louimet is survived by her two sisters; Gislene Louimet and Yanick Louimet, and her brother: Serge Louimet. She is survived by her children: Audy A. Francois and his wife Sonia Francois, Anthony P. Francois and his wife Marie-Osleen Francois, Rose D. Francois and her husband Marc Saint-Val, Nixon Francois and his wife Lisa Francois, Gleenton Francois and his wife Yvanne Francois. Her nephews: John Gilot and his wife Christina Gilot, Kervin J. Gilot and his wife Tahinna Gilot.. Her 18 grandchildren: Alexandra T. Francois Alindor and husband Welsey Alcindor,Sean Francois and his wife Florine Francois, Julyanna Kashmiri and Husband Mohammad Kashmiri, Elvis A. Francois, Cameron A. Francois, Rosenine E. Saint-Val, Gregory A. Francois, Jaysen A. Francois, Ricardo Francois, Evelynne M. Saint-Val, Naila M. Francois, Marcus Francois, Marc-Kahn Saint-Val, Noah Francois, Sandrya A. Francois, Tyson M. Francois, Cedric Francois. Her great nieces and great-grandchildren: Christina Gilot, Teairra R. Gilot, Kalani G. Gilot, Ethan Alcindor, Javen Alcindor, Avery Alcindor, Zariyah ZM Kashmiri, Amaya RM Francois, Ezra A. Francois, Zakirah Kashmiri, Ciara Francois, Mohammad-Zakariya S.Kashmiri and many more to come. Marie Jose is also survived by her Step-Children whom she loved like her own: Marie F. Francois Jean-Louis, Jude E. Francois, Jean R. Francois, Marie C. Francois and their families.
Bo!bo!bo! Bo! Nighty night! grandma!
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